3.10.2013 21:30 | celluloid meets vinyl / audio meets visual / silent movie meets DJ and presents Carmen with DJ Kernes; afterwards fare well party

Contemporary clubbing with totally different shades meet the beginning of movies, renews them and presents at the same time a DJ in an extraordinary surrounding.

stummfilm:dj is creating a symbiosis between old celluloid movies and new vinyl music. During the show the DJ is influencing the movie and the movie is influencing the DJ. The symbiosis between two analog media is creating synergies between departed visual and actual auditive art. The audience is going to experience the movie in a new way. The Urban Media Festival presents stummfilm:dj - "Carmen" interpreted by DJ Kernes. Afterwards there will be the fare well party.


In Sevilla Don Jose meets the cigarte factory worker Carmen (Pola Negri). The attractive Carmen gets arrested after a brawl in the factory. After helping her to escape Don Jose is decrated. He's finally kicked out of the army when he killed a officer in a duel. He lives as a smuggler and finally he can be close to Carmen. But soon he realises that the torero Escamillo already won her heart.
The film is based on Prosper Mérimées novel from 1847, which was already used for the opera Carmen.


The classical movie will be reinterpret by Kernes with electronical club music.
Beat Boutique / Refugium Records / Live DJ-Set: Electro, House, Techno

3.10.2013 21:30 (Alte Feuerwache)

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