Step1 Cologne Bilderstöckchen

10.8.2014 - 15.8.2014 | “ROOTS & ROUTES Step 1” will run at the youth center Luckys Haus in Bilderstöckchen, a multicultural neighbourhood in the North-Western part of Cologne/ Germany.

ROOTS & ROUTES Coaches from Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy and The Netherlands will offer dance, music and media workshops from August 10th to 15th. There will be a public performance at Luckys Haus on August 15th at 18:30 CET.

ROOTS & ROUTES Step1 is funded by “Kulturrucksack NRW”, and as Testing Zone for Junior Coaches within the “Steps Ahead” project by the EU Programme “Leonardo da Vinci”.

10.8.2014 - 15.8.2014 (OT Lucky's Haus, Am Bilderstöckchen 58a, 0221 - 17 59 41)

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