Project start: 1.7.2009
Project end: 30.6.2012

Roots&Routes Peer Coaches empowers young musicians, dancers and media makers to become a Peer Coach and to work with youths of the same age and children in creative workshops.

ROOTS&ROUTES Peer CoachesDuring 3 project years 50+ Junior Coaches (Peer Coaches) and 450+ children and young people will be educated in Urban Culture projects and workshops. Young creative talents aged 16 to 22 years will be supported in developing their artistic potentials in the areas of music, dance and media and will be educated to become Junior Coaches. Guided and monitored by professionals, those Junior Coaches will pass on their creative skills and knowledge in workshops and courses to peers and younger ones in the Cologne region.

The project aims at developing cultural and social competencies, intercultural cooperation, access to music, dance and media culture for all children and young people, extension of cultural horizons and institutional cooperation in local, regional and international networks. The project idea comes from the practical field work and was jointly developed by jfc Medienzentrum, partners in the international ROOTS&ROUTES network and in local HipHop networks.

ROOTS&ROUTES Peer Coaches is funded by the AKTION MENSCH and – in the framework of the international project The ROOTS&ROUTES Academy – by the EU programme LEONARDO.

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